Beta Three Line Array is selected for China's 60th Anniversary Ceremony


In August 2009, Beta Three pro audio products successfully won the bid of touring sound reinforcement system of People's Republic of China's 60th Anniversary in Tiananmen Squaremain venue.

The bid accepted theβ3 TLA121 Line Array Speaker system, XA series 4-Channle Professional Amplifier and professional ancillary equipments which are all designed by the global R&D team of Elder Audio enterprise.

TLA121 line array loudspeaker is designed for large-scale touring performance and sound reinforcement demanding high sound quality. The sound is very clear and full without any compromise on the messiness. With good dynamic range, it can satisfy live sound reinforcement requirement of 200,000 people.

The applications are mainly: sound reinforcement on both sides of the huge display screens of the main venues, sound reinforcement of celebration on National Day in Tiananmen Square etc.

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