Beijing Workers’ Gymnasium sound reinforcement

Project name Workers’ Gymnasium sound reinforcement system
Location: Workers’Gymnasium outside the Chaoyang door
Olympic games programme: Boxing
Construction area: 40200 square meter
Installed seats: 12000 PCS
Project starting date 23.12.2005
Estimated finishing date: After the middle of 2007
Main sound reinforcement equipment models: Ground sound reinforcement β3 S1200H
Stand sound reinforcement: β3 S1200HS1200B
Touring performance sound reinforcement: β3 TLA101 line array systemT12LT18W
Public broadcast β3 BT10、BT10V
β3 U10V、U8V
Digital processors: β3 ∑C2600DS1800PX128BA3640
Power amplifiers: β3 UA1330UA2000

Workers’ stadium panorama

sound reinforcement speaker used for the top stand

Project installation

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