Beijing Capital Gymnasium sound reinforcement system project

Project name: Capital gymnasium sound reinforcement system
Location: Capital gymnasium in Haidian District
Olympic game programme: Volleyball
Construction area: 54707 Square meters
Installed seats: 18000 PCS
Construction starting date: 18.5.2006
finishing date: After the middle of 2007
Main sound reinforcement equipment models: Ground sound reinforcement: β3 ∑H42
Stand sound reinforcement: β3 ∑H210
β3 S1200H
Touring performance sound reinforcement: β3 ONAX T12L
β3 ONAX T15F
β3 ONAX T18W
Digital processors: β3 ∑C2600PX128
Power amplifiers: β3 UA660UA1330AP-4U

Beijing Capital gymnasium Panorama

Inside the Beijing Capital Gymnasium

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