Beta Three professional audio products encompass a broad range of products so as to be able to meet the sound reinfocement requirements from a small space right up to a very large sized venue including schools, conference rooms, multifuncion halls, gymnasiums, entertainment centres, theatre facilities, digital cinema venues, exhibition centres, and sporting stadiums.
All our speakers are high performance, excellent quality at competitive prices to meet your demanding sound reinforcement requirements.
Line Array System
The Beta Three Line Array Series speakers have been designed and engineered to European standards, constructed of premium birch plywood and offer high output with a smooth frequency response in professional portable or installed applications.
Cinema Speaker
The Beta Three Cinema Series speakers have been design and engineered to meet the extreme demands of Cinema.
Public Address Systems
The Beta Three Public Address Amplifier Series have been engineered to meet the demanding commercial application requirements.
All our professional amplifiers are designed with the lastest circuitry and protection to guarantee consistant proformace to meet your demanding sound reinforcement requirements.
To guarantee the quality and consistency of the original device,all of them have been tested and examined strictly through the professional personnel.
Karaoke System
Our Karaoke Speaker with perfect acoustic design and high quality transducer is specialized in high-class KTV project.
The low frequency driver is constructed of cone paper made from natural pulp, copper cladding aluminium wire.
All pro equipments and accessories can be assembled differently to provide you more convenience and better sound quality.