To guarantee the quality and consistency of the original device,all of them have been tested and examined strictly through the professional personnel.
  • C223+
    The C223+ is a 1U Stereo two-way/mono three-way active crossover.
  • EQ1231
    The EQ1231 is a 1U 30 band, constant Q Stereo Graphic Equalizer.
  • EQ2231
    EQ2231 is a general graphic equalization with excellent function which is suitable for many kinds of sound adjustment in the audio projects.
  • ΣC2402
    Digital Speaker Controller
  • ΣC2600U
    ΣC2600U is a digital speaker controller and audio processor, adopting the advanced 32bits floating-point dSP and digital filter arithmetic.
  • DS1800
    Work mode with Two Input Four Output', or One Input Eight Output
  • PX128
    It's a professional sequence power distributor, can distribute main power into eight power outputs,
  • PX136
    One main power input, six or eight controlled power output
  • KMIX-3+
    Digital Karaoke Pre-processor
  • PX7000
    Professional Power Supply
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