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After more than 10 years development, Elder Audio have nearly 30,000 square meters of workshop with 3 production factories and advanced production equipment to produceour wooden cabinetenclosures, plastic speakers, professional power amplifiers and electronics products. With 21 auto production lines, our annual turnover is 50 million US dollars with more than 100 different product lines. We are strongly placed to produce OEM and ODM products.
Product design is key. Most of our products are designed internally by our engineers with our own intellectual property. We are well placed to design and develop innovative high quality products quickly to meet the ever-changing global market.
Elder are committed to applying advanced technology within their manufacturing facilities.

Italian computerised CNC machines are used for manufacturing all wooden cabinet enclosures to provide accuracy in the production procedures.
High speed SMT computerised surface mount machines are used for the insertion of electronic components onto PCB boards.

“V” Machine:
This machine controls the size of the wood when very high precision craftwork is required in the manufacturing of cabinet enclosures.

A computer controlled painting system, with 300 metres of auto drying lines, uses a specially designed German manufactured paint to achieve a high quality consistent finish.
Wood Workshop:
Advanced equipment provides a neat comfortable working environment.

Cabinet Enclosure Assembly Line:
Advanced equipment and testing procedures are used on the cabinet enclosure assembly line.

Power Amplifier Production Line:
Automated production line with advanced equipment and testing procedures ensures high quality products. All products are aged to ensure they meet all design specifications.
About Our Company
Innovation makes us globally recognised.
Latest automated technology for manufacturing and assembly processes.
Continuing to improve our quality and meeting customers’needs.
Great customer service is our guarantee.