Human resources
With the implementation of a developing education strategy, People Connecting to Enterprise, Elder Audio is providing staff quality training. We are committed to creating a culture of self improvement for our professional intellectual personnel and technical staff.
Continuous training
Elder Audio has been implementing the developing education strategy of People Connecting to Enterprise to provide personnel and staffs with a wide developing platform. Nowadays, it is one of an important features for Elder Audio to be introduced a culture of self improvement into professional intellectual personnel and technical staff.
Advanced testing technology
Elder Audio has advanced testing capabilities in all areas required to develop quality products.
We achieve a high technical level in the fields of Manufacturing, Acoustics, Design Software, Mechanics, Electronics, System Design and Quality Control with the cooperation of well-known Universities, experts and international consultants to establish the most innovative R&D platforms.
With the aid of advanced testing equipment that meets the IEC standard testing methods, a variety of tests and inspections are used during the research and development stage to guarantee our products are of the highest quality possible, eg:

Environmental Testing Lab:

The use of Temperature, Humidity and Salt Spray Testing allows us to assess a product's performance by simulating different environmental conditions.

Anechoic Chamber:

This chamber allows us to precisely test and debug a loudspeaker in free-field and low noise conditions.

Software 3D Model :

This software enables us to design products quickly to a precise and accurate standard.

Video Measuring System:

The Audio Precision Measuring equipment is used to test a product’s performance in the areas of power, distortion, S/N ratio, response, phase, wow etc.

Digital Bridge Tester:

This test allows us to measure the component’s impedance, capacity, etc so we can guarantee its quality and reliability.

About Our Company
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